Considering A Prenuptial Agreement? Talk With A Divorce Lawyer Fast

If you are considering getting married but you are wondering what you can protect with a prenuptial agreement, the best person to consult with is a divorce lawyer. There are many benefits to using a prenuptial agreement before you wed, and the lawyer can create the written agreement for you.

Everything that you take into the marriage can be protected, along with things accumulated after. Here are some things that you should talk with the lawyer about that you may not know you can protect.

All Family Heirlooms and Inheritance

If you are worried you are going to inherit property, jewelry, money, real estate or other things in the future after you're married, you can protect your potential inheritance in the prenuptial agreement. Anything that you worry may be coming to you from a relative or close personal friend can be protected with the proper documentation.

401k Plan, Pension and Other Savings

Have you been saving for years before you thought about getting married? If so, then you can keep all the money that was put into your accounts even if you get divorced. If you want, you can have the prenuptial agreement say that whatever you put in after the marriage is yours, and whatever you make is yours. Make sure you include all of the investments in your portfolio in the agreement.

Potential Business Ventures

Is there a chance that you could start a business, or are you planning on starting a business in the future and you worry that your spouse could be entitled to all of the stock or shares, or to the value of the business? Have your lawyer record information about potential future business ventures or money making ideas within the document, so that you aren't stuck splitting your ownership if you get divorced.

You should talk with your fiancé to make sure they are comfortable signing a document that has all of these stipulations before entering into marriage. You can include things in the contract like how many kids you expect your future spouse to have with you, or how many times a month you think that the two of you should go out on dates. Ask your fiancé if there are things that they want to include in the document, and ask them to have their own lawyer look over it. You don't want them to feel bullied into signing the document or they will say they were forced, and then the contract will be void.