How Accident Victims Will Know That It’s Time To Call A Lawyer

Some accidents are very minor, and no one is injured. On the other hand, some are so serious that the victim ends up hospitalized for weeks with very bad medical issues. Some victims may deal with something between minor and catastrophic. If you have physical injuries, you are likely to need a personal injury lawyer to help you with some middle-of-the-road issues like the ones listed below.

Fault: It Can be Tricky

An accident will be blamed on either you or the other driver and that creates an issue that requires legal help. If you cannot prove that the other driver is at fault, you might have to rely on your own insurer to pay. A personal injury lawyer can help you prove that the other party was at fault by gathering evidence like the accident report, photographs and video of the accident, eyewitness statements, and more both your damages and those of the other driver.

You Have Lost Income from Work

You may not be successful in having the other driver's insurance pay for your lost wages because many insurers don't recognize that form of damage. The only way, in most cases, to be paid for lost wages is to demand a settlement that includes it or take the other driver to court.

The Insurer is Not Cooperative

If only the insurer would pay for your medical bills, wrecked vehicle, and other damages then you might not need to take things further. Unfortunately, many insurers are very good at avoiding communicating with victims and they are not very good at paying the damages they should. Just have a personal injury lawyer let the insurer know that you have legal representation and see if that turns things around.

The Insurer is Refusing to Pay Some of Your Damages

Medical expenses are a big financial responsibility for insurers. Not only can medical treatment costs be high, but your medical expenses could affect how much you are paid for pain and suffering. That means the insurer could balk at paying some, or all, of your medical bills based on these issues:

  • You failed to seek medical treatment in time and your injuries were made worse due to your own actions.
  • You failed to follow your physician's instructions and your condition is worse because of that.
  • You had a previous injury or medical condition and that is why your medical bills are so high.

You don't want any of the above to occur. Get the help you need with your accident case by speaking to a personal injury law firm—such as Deas Law Firm—right away.