The Major Steps Involved In Marriage Dissolution And How An Attorney Can Help You Navigate Them

Many people make costly mistakes during divorce because they go through the process blindly. In most cases, they choose the wrong type of divorce or litigate cases in court before trying other options. You should know that these mistakes usually prolong the process or make marriage dissolution more costly. This explains why you should consider seeking legal advice before dissolving your marriage. Note that a divorce lawyer will explain the following steps in marriage dissolution to inform you what to expect.

Filing a Petition

The marriage dissolution process starts with preparing and filing a petition in court. In such a case, the petition should have your name, your partners', the date of your marriage, and when you decided to dissolve it. You must also give a reason for parting ways with your partner and your plea to the judge. In most cases, this includes the child support and spousal payments you would want the judge to award you.

Note that the court will require a list of your marital property and financial documents. This way, the judge will be able to determine the assets you should keep and whether you need financial assistance. More importantly, seek legal help when preparing your petition to ensure that you provide all the information the court requires. Your lawyer will also assist you in calculating child support and spousal support payments to ensure that you request realistic amounts.

Mediation with Your Partner

When you file a petition, the judge might require you to attend court-ordered mediation. They might also allow you and your partner to try mediation before considering litigation. Note that this might be a better option because it will enable you to save time and money. Therefore, you might request your lawyer to assist you in finding a mediator. In this case, the arbitrator will try and resolve divorce-related issues so that you can avoid going to court. Ultimately, if mediation is successful, the arbitrator will draft a marital settlement agreement. Then, they will ask you and your spouse to sign the document before presenting it in court. However, if both of you fail to agree on some issues, your lawyer will file a case in court.

The Divorce Trial

When you file a divorce case, your attorney will present evidence and argue your case to convince the judge to rule in your favor. The jury will also give your partner's lawyer a chance to represent their client before delivering a ruling. Note that the conclusions of the trial will determine your life after divorce, so work with your lawyer every step of the way to ensure the most suitable outcome.

Dissolving your marriage might be less challenging and more manageable if you understand the legal process. This is why you should consult a divorce lawyer before dissolving your marriage. They will explain the steps involved so you can understand the process and have a chance at the best outcome.  

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