Ready For a Divorce? 4 Things You Should Do Before You File

If you've tried everything to save your marriage, divorce may be the only option you have left. Before you file for divorce, you need to make sure that you're standing on a firm foundation for your future. Here are four things you need to do before you file for divorce.

Build Your Own Credit

If you've been married for a significant amount of time, all of your credit may be tied up with your spouse. That's fine if you plan on staying married. However, if the only credit you have is joint, it may be difficult to get your own credit once you file for divorce. Before you file, start building your own credit history. Apply for a credit card in your own name and make regular payments for several months. By the time you are ready to speak to an attorney, you'll have your own credit to rely on.

Update Your Job Skills

You're going to need to have a way to provide for yourself once you file for divorce. If you haven't worked in many years, it may be difficult to find employment, especially sufficient enough to provide for your needs. Take the time to create a new resume for yourself. If you don't have recent employment that you can list, be sure to include any volunteer work you might have done. If your resume is still lacking in marketable skills, apply for part-time work or take a few vocational classes at the local college.

Inventory Your Marital Assets

When it's time to file for divorce, your attorney is going to need to know about all your marital assets. That information is key to getting you a fair and amicable divorce settlement. Make a list of all the assets you and your spouse share. The list should include the following items:

  • Homes
  • Cash on hand
  • Automobiles

Get Copies of Important Documents

In addition to the list of assets, you should also collect copies of all your important documents. Things like mortgage statements, tax returns and retirement accounts will be important once your attorney begins negotiating a settlement for you.

If you've reached your limit and divorce seems to be the only option, you need to make sure you have everything in order before you file. The information provided above will ensure that you have the information and tools you'll need to file for divorce. Contact a divorce lawyer like A. Scott Kalkwarf for more information.