Will You Miss Your Child Support Payment? What You Need to Know

The goal of child support arrangements is to help make sure both parents contribute to the financial needs of their children once they are no longer together. However, if you suddenly have a difficult time making your child support payments, you need to consider all your options, including the following: Do Not Miss Your Payment The first thing to do is not miss your payments if at all possible. Missing a payment is going to make it difficult for your former spouse to financially help your children. Read More 

The “Red Flags” Of An Abusive Relationship: How To Spot Trouble That Can Turn Into Domestic Violence

Anybody can end up in an abusive relationship. Domestic violence rarely starts with a shove or a slap. Most abusers engage in psychological manipulation and emotional abuse long before they get physically violent because the ultimate goal of an abuser is to maintain control over the victim. It's easier to do that when you find a way to turn someone's own mind against them. That's why it's so important to recognize the symptoms of an abusive and unhealthy relationship. Read More 

Have Kids? Get An Attorney When You Get Divorced

In some cases divorce can be so easy that all you have to do is agree to the divorce and sign paperwork and pay a few court fees. In most cases, however, especially those where kids are involved, the process becomes more hectic and time-consuming and money must be invested into a lawyer. When you have kids, you have to worry about who gets the children and for what type of arrangement, child support, and other types of support for kids. Read More 

How Witnesses Can Help Your Divorce Case

If you are preparing for a litigated divorce, you should not be blind to the contributions witnesses can make in your case. Here are the specific ways in which witnesses can strengthen your divorce case: Proving Grounds for a Divorce If you are seeking a fault divorce, then a witness can help you prove the grounds on which you are basing your divorce. For example, if you are using adultery as a ground for divorce, then a hotel staffer who helped your spouse book a room for their lover can testify to the fact and help strengthen your adultery claim. Read More 

Child Support For High Net Worth Individuals

Child support for high net worth families may be handled differently from child support for the rest of the population. Here are three critical things to know about child support if your net worth is considered high: State Guidelines Only Specify the Minimums Most states have child support laws that include guidelines on how much a non-custodial parent should pay as child support. The guidelines differ from state to state, but most of them use either the income shares model or the income model. Read More