Keep These Tips In Mind When Going Through Child Support Negotiations

Child support negotiations are some of the most controversial issues during divorce proceedings. Just like other aspects of your divorce, you will be better off making an out-of-court agreement than taking the issue to the judge. Use these four major tips to sail through the negotiations: Consider Extra Expenses The mandatory expenses, such as school fees and rent, aren't the only expenses you need to raise a child. Other expenses may not be necessary, but you need to take care of them as far as your child's best interests are concerned. Read More 

Considering A Prenuptial Agreement? Talk With A Divorce Lawyer Fast

If you are considering getting married but you are wondering what you can protect with a prenuptial agreement, the best person to consult with is a divorce lawyer. There are many benefits to using a prenuptial agreement before you wed, and the lawyer can create the written agreement for you. Everything that you take into the marriage can be protected, along with things accumulated after. Here are some things that you should talk with the lawyer about that you may not know you can protect. Read More 

Establishing A Legal Guardianship Arrangement For Your Children

Making arrangements for the care of your children in the event of dire circumstances isn't just good parenting, it's also good planning. No one can predict what the future will bring, but you can take steps to ensure your children are well cared for even if you can't be there to do so. Establishing a legal guardianship while you're still able to make those decisions will ensure that someone you trust is given responsibility for raising your child once you're gone. Read More 

How to Get Handwritten Documents Accepted in Court

There are times, particularly when dealing with family situations, where it might be necessary to try to get a handwritten document admitted as evidence in court. For example, a handwritten codicil on a will could have a significant impact on who inherits what from an estate -- but only if the court accepts it as evidence. To do that, you'll have to authenticate the handwriting and prove that it was written by the person you say it was. Read More 

Going Through Divorce At Holidays: Tips For Getting Through A Difficult Time

The holidays can be a terrible time to go through a divorce. Many people experiencing a divorce at the end of the year go through despair and various stages of grief. These tips will help you take care of yourself, maintain good spirits and keep your divorce on track. Spend Time with Loved Ones  Wallowing in negative emotions may sound easier than spending your holiday with relatives, but it's important to have a support network at this emotional time of year. Read More