Probate Administration And Estranged Heirs: How Your Lawyer Will Handle These Affairs After Your Passing

Probate administration is the creation, processing and execution of your will. If you have estranged or missing family members, your will may encounter some complications with its execution after your passing. Here is how your family or probate lawyer (like those at Davis & Mathis) will handle these unusual situations. Tracking Down Estranged Family A big part of executing your will is notifying your kin and heirs that you have passed away. Read More 

3 Things Factors That Will Affect Child Custody

Many parents who are divorced wonder what factors will decide where their children go. In many cases the child will share time with both the parents, but usually one parent has primary custody. This is where the child will spend the most of their time. Here are a couple factors that will decide which parent gets primary custody. 1. Age Of Child Although most states don't let the children completely choose which home they want to be in, they will let the child have a voice in the matter as they become more mature. Read More